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"A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down.- Robert Benchley"
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Purchase Warranty

This Puppy/Dog to the best knowledge of  IA Pups 4 U  is in good Health and has been
examined by their licensed veterinarian prior to being offered for sale.

The Seller WILL WARRANTY for CONGENITAL DISEASE upon ALL Conditions within this contract are met by the


1. Buyer MUST take the puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after taking possession of the puppy/dog for a wellness check.

2. Buyer MUST notify Seller within 72 Hours if a congenital disease/defect has been diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian AND allow the seller and their licensed veterinarian the opportunity to examine and test the puppy/dog in the case of death the seller may choose to order a necropsy.

3. With respect to the Purchase Warranty for congenital Disease, Seller offer’s Buyer First Choice of (same breed, same sex that was purchased)on the next available liter, Only if Buyer returns Puppy to the seller.

4. Warranty for death due to congenital disease shall be VOIDED IF the puppy/dog is euthanized with the consent of the seller prior to euthanization or if the puppy/dog was sold or given to anyone other than the person/persons signing this warranty contract.

5. This Warranty WILL NOT cover any adverse vaccination reaction’s, reactions to any medications given, complications with surgeries of any sort, treatable conditions such as fleas, ticks, ear mites, worms etc… Moreover seller is NOT responsible for ANY veterinarian fees incurred for the puppy/dog after this contract has been signed and dated by the buyer/buyer’s.

6. If  the buyer sell’s or give’s the puppy to someone else at any time after purchase this warranty is automatically voided.

7.WE DONOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECK’S, WITH OUT PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE.  Please be advised that if your check should come back as non sufficient funds you will be charged the appropriate fee’s in addition to the amount of the check, in ADDITION to this seller has full rights to take possession back of the purchased puppy/dog until the situation is appropriately taken care of in a way that is satisfactory to the seller.

8. This puppy/dog is sold by the seller as a pet only and seller provides no warranty as to the suitability of the puppy’s/dog’s other purposes, including but not limited to breeding or showing.

9. Seller recommends that females be spayed by the age of 6 months and males be neutered before the age of 4 months.

10.By Signing and Dating the Purchase Warranty you are stated you have read, acknowledge, and agree with its content within, Including the Warranty Provisions within this contract.

11. This Document, Including Warranty, shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the Laws and Statutes of the State of Iowa. The venue for any litigation concerning this warranty shall be Iowa District Court in Hardin County for IA Pups 4 U.


Buyers Signature:______________________

Seller’s Signature:____________________


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